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Good for the planet & good for you

Water, Soil, Land Use, Restoration, Water, Energy, Transportation, Processing/Manufacturing, Packaging.


As a small-batch producer, the Taste of the Alps is able to provide a high standard of efficiency and food path traceability. All preserves are conveniently made from a commercial kitchen based in Tineke’s own home, reducing any unnecessary travel impacts. Being located in a semi-rural area, on a shared bore with limited water allocation, water use is managed consciously.


The range is based upon local produce, so ingredients are sourced locally whenever possible and at least within NZ. Our Lemon Curd has four, simple ingredients, and the local highlight is the organic free-range eggs from Tineke's own chooks and when demand is too high for her girls Wanaka free-range supplies.

All ingredients are purchased in bulk and supply waste is easily managed on site. Sugar and butter come in paper and is either burned or composted, depending on the season. Egg shells are crushed and fed back to Tineke’s own chickens as a calcium supplement. Lemon rinds/pulp is composted. Essentially, the Lemon Curd is a zero-waste product.

Local Pinot Noir grapes are sourced from Aitken's Folly, Wanaka and quince from Mt Barker Road, Wanaka. By product from the Pinot Noir & quince jelly is then feed to local neighbours pigs. Another zero - waste product.

Cromwell, stone fruit capital of the South and just 40 minutes down the road. Hosts a range of sustainable orchards that supply us with fresh seasonal Cherries, apricots and plums. Tineke is lucky to have established a healthy relationship with several orchards growers who supply her with consistently delicious produce.


The entire Taste of the Alps range is individually packaged in recyclable glass jars (with removable labels) and then bulk packaged in recycled cardboard boxes to send to retailers.

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